so you wanna learn about lil ol me

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ok so you wanna know about me ha
ok first of all im a big anime fan. {duh} And i love to write fanfiction. This section will be up soon i promise. @_- im 15 and attend Joppa Towne. i won't tell you my grades though cause there not that good. but you act like yours is any better {hehe} i love to drink {no not liquire Even thogh i like it but thats besides the point.} i mean soda. {yumm soda} i love cokeacola the best in the world any regards or complants? well thats all i can say about myself. hey did i mention i love anime. exspecially cabbits.
why i ceated my site.

so you wanna know why hmmmmmm. well the reason why is that i wanted to show my love for anime thats why. {claps hand together and stares in awww} it was that love that drove me to become one of the greatest anime lovers of all time. {snapps back in to reality} ok with you budd. {know i do not have split personalitys.

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